What to Expect


All are welcome to join us for worship. You will find a loving group of believers who are caring for one another and graciously stirring up one another to walk faithfully to the glory of God.

Our Services are Reverent and Simple.

Our worship songs include hymns, psalms, and contemporary songs that are God-centered, valuable for edification, and that glorify God.

Our sermons are expository, preaching verse by verse through books of the Bible with an occasional topical sermon as needed to address current issues in the church or culture.

You are welcome to dress according to your conscience for worship, either casually or dressed up.

Our worship service begins at 10:00 AM and typically ends at about 11:30 AM

Sunday School

As a family-integrated church, we invite you to worship with your children in the service. We are blessed to have them worship with us and have grace as we expect minor distractions and squirming as children are being trained to participate in the worship of our Savior. There are spaces provided that may be used for nursing or helping a child to settle down. We want to help parents to shepherd their children and understand that the work is hard. Let us know how we might help. We do offer childcare for ages three and under if desired.

Location & Parking

We are meeting in the Purdy and Kerr funeral home chapel at 409 W Main St, Monroe, right across the street from Monroe Coffee. There is parking on several sides of the building as well as street parking.